Friday, June 28, 2013

Animated- The Grim

Animation.. looks easy but it is far from it. Digital animation has so many details to be taken in consideration. I think I would need a lot of patience. I haven't worked with animation software before but I know someone who does. 

His name is Hasani Walker and I met him while I was going to an audition for The Grim. 

I was super excited because finally in the casting call they were looking for people with foreign accents. Yes! I have one, as I am from somewhere in Europe ;)  Here is a photo-hint:

I was thrilled to learn about this project. Here is the FB Page to TheGrimAnimation

Here are some of the characters in the play. 

This is Gertrude The Fox
                                     Blue Jay

         Check it out! Also videos of the progress on Hasani's YouTube Channel   

I was picked to be the voice of Blue Jay. It was a new experience for me. To be in the recording studio, having the script in front of me, in the end transformed into this character.

 What makes this much more elaborate is the fact that he is using actual sets, real live sets- miniature, and the digital animated characters. This mix is the work of a true dedicated artist like Hasani. 

Here are some of Gertrude's facial expressions that you will see in the episodes.  The film has it's own Blog The Grim. Check it out!

Stay close and check for updates often, because big things are about to happen with this film.

You think Hasani is taking a break? Nope! He is constantly working on something exhilarating. Check out his new project!

Stay close to this FB Page SuicideFriends

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come!

 say Hello! to Hasani on SUICIDE FRIENDS Blog

                                          Stay Sexy EVERYONE! Enjoy the SUMMER :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About My Culture- The Eastern European- Part II

Welcome back to PART 2

                             here is  Part I in case you missed it :) 


Different cultures.
Somethings you/I do may seem rude. Mostly is unintended. It gets to be funny if talked about it. Here are "some" of the differences I have seen in US from where I grew up. 

This time I am going to start with the DO NOT section 

                  DO NOT  
Do not stand with your hands in your pockets. This is considered rude. 
Avoid shaking hands and giving things across a threshold of a house, room, or office.  It is best to cross the threshold completely before shaking a host's hand when arriving and leaving.   
It is considered rude to point with your finger. It’s better to use the whole hand.  
Putting one’s feet up on the furniture is considered extremely bad form, as is showing the soles of your shoes to someone.  
The American “Ok” sign and thumbs up sign are rude gestures.  
Putting your thumb in between your middle and index finger while making a fist is an obscene gesture.  
When shaking hands with someone, be sure to take off your gloves, as it is considered rude not to. 
Speaking or laughing loudly in public is considered rude, as Russians are generally reserved and somber.

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When in public
 Good grooming and polite deportment is essential, lest one risk being labeled "uncultured" by an elder. Since the collapse of Communism, many young Russians have become rich. Traditionally it was considered good manners to not call attention to oneself. Although wealthy Russians may flaunt their cell phones, wear expensive clothing and jewelry and drive foreign luxury cars, they are often looked down upon by their countrymen for flaunting their wealth.

Negotiations with Russians often involve flared tempers. During negotiations and meetings, temper tantrums and walkouts often occur. 
Night clubs and bars are popular places for students to socialize. Going to sporting events are common as well. There are also many student festivals. 
Drinking is acceptable in designated areas. It is not polite to be excessively drunk in public, but it happens quite often. Smoking is acceptable in designated areas.  
*(There is a 18 year old drinking age, and rarely enforced.  It is common to see preteens, and even younger children, drinking alcoholic drinks) 
Flicking the throat with the index finger can mean, “I want a drink” or “he/she is drunk”.
Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.
No smoking age limit, no club entrance age limit.
*(There are vending machines with cigarettes in many bus stops in the cities)
*(If you are well groomed, clean dressed, semi prepped - for men, you will be allowed to enter the night club. If not, no matter how much money you offer/bribe the bouncer with, he will not let you in)
The clubs stay open mostly 24 hours. Most close when the sun comes up for a few hours.
Many during open to serve breakfast as they make a few small changes from the nightclub to day time locale.
Traditionally men ask women out, but it is acceptable for women to take the initiative. 
Most men do not tend be forward or overly aggressive. Many are passive and shy. 
*(In clubs, when dancing men dance with men and women with women as well, without having the "category of being homosexuals)
*(best friends of any gender do hold hands while walking down the street, again, with no issue) 
Chivalry is still valued. Men are expected to hold the door, offer their seat, offer their coat, etc.
Meeting Etiquette
The typical greeting is a firm, almost bone-crushing handshake while maintaining direct eye contact and giving the appropriate greeting for  the time of day.
When men shake hands with women, the handshake is less firm.
When female friends meet, they kiss on the cheek three times, starting with the left and then alternating.
When close male friends meet, they may pat each other on the back and hug. 
Titles are important and it is best to address people directly by using Mr." Gaspodin", Mrs./Miss " Gaspazhah", followed by the surname.  
One should always wait to be invited to use first names before doing so yourself. 
*(It is very uncommon to call someone else "mom", "sister", "cousin", "auntie" if they are not blood related.
 During conversations, an arm's length of personal space tends to be the norm. 
There is not that much touching during conversations, especially at first meetings.  Friends and family tend to touch more.

 @ Taste Of The World Event.
For more photos visit and "like" Steve Yap Photography page:

 Romantic/Tough Area

Romantic love is acceptable and open, with little stigma for premarital sex or even unplanned pregnancies. Women do not bring the boyfriends to the parents house. They first meet in a "neutral" territory.
During childbirth, men are kept out of the hospital room, and women are expected to stay stoic and refrain from crying or showing pain.
After birth the woman is paid by the state a 3/4 of the salary for 2 years to stay home with the baby.
*(In Bulgaria is 3 years)
During the Communist era, women were expected to work outside the home, but that is changing and now men are stepping again into the roles of providers.
Men bring flowers on dates. They pick the restaurant, pick the best table.
Woman chooses which side to sit.
Men make sure the glass is never empty and yet they do not get drunk. 

When entering a venue:

The man takes his hat off. Women are allowed to keep their headgear on. 

A restaurant, business building, someone's home, theater, always the woman enters first!
  It is rude for the man to enter first or together, in the same time. 
 The only place where the man enters first is in a nightclub and exits after the woman. The explanation for this is: A club is usually for "pick-ups". When the woman enters first, means she is available, she is single, ok for men to approach. When the man enters first then the lady, is a non-verbal way of telling others to back off. 
When exiting the club, the lady exits first then the man- that means they are together. If she exits last, that means that she is available, and men will exit after and approach her outside. 

While inside, a drink is offered as in: "What would you like to drink?" not: "Would you like to drink?"

Also, offer a seat as soon as possible. 

When walking on the street:

The woman is never walking to the road side. 
If she is exposed to the cars, means she is a street walker, shown off by the "pimp".

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part III coming soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Cakemaker and a Photographer- whatta combo!

Did you know that Arizona has its own cake boss?
Her name is Tammi. 
She is the "author" of these amazing creations.

AMAZING CAKES  photos can be found on her website.

Tammi is an artist when talking about ingenuity. The colors vibrate, the characters feel alive, her designs just marvelous. 
                            From cartoon reproduction to Father's Day, cakes CAKES cAkEs. 
 What your heart desire, you can have. 

Virtually no limitations. Let your imagination go free. Bring a photo or a sketch, contact her and by the time you want it, you got it! 

 Is your anniversary coming up? Getting married? Or just want a 3 tier cake for your birthday?!

 She is a multiple award winner. So order yours today!

To have the party complete you got to get your decorations. Simple, easy, any color combo you desire: Party POM POM decorations

Now, to make the team complete, you gotta check the Photographer side of the story.

James shoots FASHION shows see his work!

and everything else- on his website: CAKES and PHOTOS

So, let's recap:    need a cake?       contact TAMMI
decorations:       Party POM POMS
Photographer for your special ocassion:

Everything in place!  Enjoy your special day!

stay sexy! everyone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dragons and Action with Blake The Filmmaker

              I don't remember how I met Blake,

but it seems like I've known him more than a life time. Maybe even two.

  This photo was taken on a set of a music video. He was the steadycam. He mastered this skill.

Link to Music Video 

He is a filmmaker. 

If you are ready for action packed movies, chicks punching bad guys, amazing mixed martial arts, kicks thrown with a great technique, and amazing arsenal of weapons, then you need to make some popcorn and enjoy Blake The Film Maker's movies.

Here he is on Youtube:
Blake's YouTube channel

Every time you see Blake he has a camera in his hand.  Don't believe me?


Besides that, he shoots kids.

   With a camera.

 for the new film: The Godchildren

 The cream of the crop was cast and the film was shot almost every weekend for a few months. This film just wrapped shooting and it is already an article about it, in the local newspaper. Check it out!

 SanTanSun Newspaper

The Godchildren Trailer

Looking through the cast, I recognized S.J. Laguna.

A talented little fella who delivers the lines like a professional. I've had the chance to work with S.J. quite a few times and each time I was pleasantly surprised. He has patience when changing sets, takes good direction and with every take his performance gets better and better.

It is good to see him evolve. He was in my trailer for Matryoshka's Pillow as the little brother, named Бугер (Booger).

 And if that is not enough,

He just graduated!


And if that is not enough,
He just got his IMDB credits

And if that is not enough,

 A new film is in pre-production.  An action packed 2 hour movie.

"The Dragon Rings"

FB Page

Teaser and Trailer are being worked on. More info coming up, so stay tooned. Like the page and get the updates. This is anticipated to be a great success!   Casting calls are to be announced. Crew calls as well. 

Film Festivals around the world know about Blake's work. You don't want to miss out.

Here is more of Blake The Film Maker below:

 Want to talk to him? Find him on Twitter:

              Twitter - @FilmMakerBlake

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sunshine Girls

Who is this hottie?

Let's look from a different angle:

 How about now?

 That's right! It is Sally Ann Francis

SAG-AFTRA awesome actress who can change and mold for any role and look natural.

I had the opportunity to work with her. She put on the Russian attire of a general's wife and instantly she became one. Her accent, her posture, her acting skills showed once again that Sally can do anything.

Here she is next to Don Teply and EricAnimal Rane. Arizona actors extraordinaires.

Well, behind the long blonde hair and astonishing blue eyes, there is a true lover for the arts.

  She produced "a short film done sitcom style about four elderly and feisty females forced to live in a retirement center after losing their husbands. They feel their lives are mundane until they realize friendship is everything." 


Check who's attention this great comedy captured?
I was already screened at COMICON and coming up in Jerome Film Fest.

Here are some of the cast and crew behind the scenes photos

 Kevin R. Phipps (director) and Steve Wargo (director of photography). Photo courtesy of Jason David.
Max Zicchino (Gertie's Boy Toy). Photo courtesy of Jason David.

Sunshine Girls on FB Page

Titles Design by: Stephen Krystek
Cat in photo: Yarr


                                       Here she is on a bike-- >

Sally should change her name to: "Sally The Bad A$$ The Hottie"

Want to see more of her work? Book her?                         Sally's Website

and her IMDB credits: 

 Way to go, Sally!