Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Banned and love it! film style

if there is a will there's a way...

" a dolly shot"  
     "a crane"

besides all those names- who cares what they mean, and yet, knowing them, is the reason you are still on the payroll. ;)

 Dolly, I thought we were going to talk about Dolly Parton

and a "Crane" is we are going to the Japanese Zoo

ND filters- I thought we were talking about INDIE, independent filters... HUH?!

and so on... here some sugar coated advice:

LEARN THE DAMMED LINGO before you get on set. No matter what your job will be on set, just be familiar w these! PLEASE! 

Now, for the ladies- here is a hunk talking :)

back to biz:      3 point lighting    too easy right?


show me what you did!  post pics
now, if you've learned how to light up your set, you might be ready to bring your website to light, here:  
more exposure for your website! 
You're welcome! :)

aaaaand, you might think of the title-- "BANNED"  i've been using my FB as an email and "for sending too many messages" I am banned for a while now!  boooo!

stay sexy everyone! xoxo