Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Woof! Woof! Wilmer the Immigrant Dog

I have a dream...  

                              Well, take action towards it!!

Wilman did!

Wilman Vergara II is working hard to present to you:

"WíLMER SARNOSO-CHANDOSO is an Immigrant dog who is found at the U.S.- Mexico border, mangy and half dead. He is found by 2 US Border Patrol agents and one of them is about to be taken for a ride by this mischievous mutt!"

Wilmer's FB page

Here is some of the cast and crew!
In the newspaper

Behind the scenes

Wilman, mingling with the public at FILMBAR before the Showcase

Check out the Official Trailer

still haven't laughed enough?   here is a  Blooper Reel

Take some poop (soap) home.  website coming soon. check the FB page or here for updates.

 here is Wilman giving the Speech before the Screening in May at FILMBAR in Phoenix, AZ

Own A Radio Station

 He is all over in the media! Check this one out too! :)


stay sexy!