Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dragons and Action with Blake The Filmmaker

              I don't remember how I met Blake,

but it seems like I've known him more than a life time. Maybe even two.

  This photo was taken on a set of a music video. He was the steadycam. He mastered this skill.

Link to Music Video 

He is a filmmaker. 

If you are ready for action packed movies, chicks punching bad guys, amazing mixed martial arts, kicks thrown with a great technique, and amazing arsenal of weapons, then you need to make some popcorn and enjoy Blake The Film Maker's movies.

Here he is on Youtube:
Blake's YouTube channel

Every time you see Blake he has a camera in his hand.  Don't believe me?


Besides that, he shoots kids.

   With a camera.

 for the new film: The Godchildren

 The cream of the crop was cast and the film was shot almost every weekend for a few months. This film just wrapped shooting and it is already an article about it, in the local newspaper. Check it out!

 SanTanSun Newspaper

The Godchildren Trailer

Looking through the cast, I recognized S.J. Laguna.

A talented little fella who delivers the lines like a professional. I've had the chance to work with S.J. quite a few times and each time I was pleasantly surprised. He has patience when changing sets, takes good direction and with every take his performance gets better and better.

It is good to see him evolve. He was in my trailer for Matryoshka's Pillow as the little brother, named Бугер (Booger).

 And if that is not enough,

He just graduated!


And if that is not enough,
He just got his IMDB credits

And if that is not enough,

 A new film is in pre-production.  An action packed 2 hour movie.

"The Dragon Rings"

FB Page

Teaser and Trailer are being worked on. More info coming up, so stay tooned. Like the page and get the updates. This is anticipated to be a great success!   Casting calls are to be announced. Crew calls as well. 

Film Festivals around the world know about Blake's work. You don't want to miss out.

Here is more of Blake The Film Maker below:

 Want to talk to him? Find him on Twitter:

              Twitter - @FilmMakerBlake

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