Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big Boobs! Big Problems! Bust'DD

Listen to this!! while you read. :)          The bigger, the better, right?   well... in most cases ;)

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We'll talk body parts in a few. This is a filmmaker's page.  Remember?! 

      Shooting in such intimate settings, keeping composure, staying professional. No unnecessary comments!

  Making the models feel comfortable, at ease to cooperate and get the shoot done within the allocated time. 

   Having the lights and the set ready for when the models arrive. Keep the staff to a minimum. 

<--------this is funny 
How can it be?

I've learned as I was measured.. 

 check it out- a fun house party with only women with measuring tapes!  ha!

ya. Don't think too dirty!  lol 

In a similar setting, I've got measured and the number was waaaay off!   
The solution is coming soon. Right now the "inventors" are looking for a skilled bra designer to work with. Anyone interested, let me know or just go on their FB page. and message them directly. 

This photo is from the actual   shoot of the commercial. On the right, it's Laura.

And Kim- the other BUST'DD.    Fun and any time willing to measure you, so get comfortable. 

 Check out the development of this amazing new concept and the company!

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stay sexy