Monday, December 30, 2013

Commercials- behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how a commercial is done? What goes into a production of a 30 sec ad?

                                                                               these are behind the scenes photos from the Doritos commercial I put together in record time. (the commercial's link is at the bottom of the page, check it out, share it)

Talking about it and actually doing it, will take some energy, some say passion and/or craziness.
But, many are doing it ;)

                                     famous filmmakers started out making commercials

First coming out it the idea and then tamed it down to a "do-able" state can be a challenge.

Some go under the wing of the "elders" in the industry and learn on the job, or read intro to making commercials.

After getting the idea "do-able", think faces. who you want to represent your concept.

Finding actors in less than 12 hrs before shoot time kept me sleepless the night before.

I "saw" what I want, now I needed to get my actors to be available.
Calling, emailing, texting back and forth can be nerve wrecking.

don't do "your norm"

I enjoy working with individuals I know I can rely on.
Getting on set on time- is a big factor.
Coming with the correct wardrobe, helps ;)

aaand.... with the right attitude, can make the producer's/director's sanity stay intact.

I am learning to communicate better. :P I usually blame it on my accent. However, I know my areas that need improvement. Communicating correctly, blocking my actors, getting them to transform, and get into character- is an art!

for now, enjoy the sites, and the commercial. ttys more about commercials. 

some of the crew and actors  ----->

enjoy the youtube
that we got done in record time!

thank you everyone involved and for your dedication!

stay sexy!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Only You- With Moh Yakubi

A star with a voice of gold.


A multi talented guy.

Actor, singer, artist!

 create your own radio station. You be the DJ, MC and promoter
It's simple, use: ARN
 He is versatile and his vocals are divine
 Check his music out!

International Love!    Desk dolls!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CellPhone 911

mobile....  cellular... telephone...
always fun to open a package of a new cell phone

however you call it, it's a tear jerker when you see it like this
my usual question is: Did SpiderMan visit you?
and then an EVIL EYE is pointed at me. lol

Well, figure that one out. call someone when bits and pieces of glass get stuck in your sensitive skin... and you can't slide your fingers anymore, to answer a call or hang up. 

Muahahaaa! says an evil witch! And your fist is closed tight pointing at all saints and cherubs.   lol
funny visual, don't you think?

well, if you live in AZ,  Cellphone911 can and will help you!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chorba- The Poor Man's Food

                                      shchavelya sup

lean about çorba

Arab word, for SOUP. 
Turkish use it as well. 
Ukrainians, Romanians, Russians 
in general use this term.


Supposedly it is..   "the poor man's food"    - because during the war, families were so poor, they would eat first the meat off the bone, the first day, (cooked of course) then the next days they would boil the bones and add whatever vegetables they had, and fill their stomachs and their children with it... and each day, they would add more and more water, until there was so transparent, it was like water.

How I see it:
boiled water= killed all germs from the water, "sanitized"
veggies= flavor released and not destroy all the nutrients
meat - if any, but not always

If hydrates you, fills you up without feeling "heavy", and you are eating your veggies. :)
Unless you want to use a replacement then go that route. but it looks much better one of these:

I grew up with CHORBA, every lunch time, SOUP, or I didn't feel I ate that day. :P

It was a culture shock, somewhat, to learn that in the US, lunch is usually a sandwich.. but, "when in Rome..."

make  your own  lunch. And that is SOUP!  

I don't have to be sick to eat chicken soup! I am rather: If I don't eat soup at lunch, I'll get sick.

The difference between SOUP and Chorba is?

Soup is "transparent" and may not have meat.

CHORBA- is thicker, can't see through it, contains meat.

I enjoy making soup, because ABSOLUTELY EVERY TIME, it comes out different. I obviously don't like repetition, same things, routine. 

So, throwing in there anything (edible and not expired) lol  fresh veggies, is a treat itself. 
Cutting it "by the book" is not in my vocabulary either. So if I feel like crinkle carrots and polka dots potatoes to have in my CHORBA today, that will happen. 

    Blini- Russian pancakes

Matryoshka pendants

Spices, are again- at my choice. Not spicy though! the only "SPICY" we use is pepper and paprika. Hard to believe, right?  Especially when here, curry and tabasco sauce are a "usual" in many meals

VEGETA spices YUMM!!

I've just discovered KALE and I had it in my fridge.  So,  my chorba has:

KALE   facts about KALE
CARROTS    a fun read about CARROTS
CHICKEN  chicken cubes
and spices.

so, how do we call this one?   KA-GNO-CA-CHI?  :))  lol   (I like word play)

I fried the carrots before, not too much, just enough to get them gooey and sweet,
 pour more water, 
gnocchi- already boiled, drop it in there,
then add chicken cubes- already boiled
and KALE-
and boil 'till I get tired :P
The flavor of Kale comes out and at taste, it still good texture, and yet it's not as bitter. 
tadam!!      I poured it in jars, to freeze it as I may get bored of eating same type of soup a few days in a row. 

Russian soup recipe

so drop the fast food, and sandwiches at lunch.
too easy!   xoxo

and VODKA, but stay home after that- don't drink and drive!

I will leave you drooling over this Lithuanian feast :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Feel Orange Today part III

I've started this project in May 2012.

I enjoy movies- comedies, musicals, based on true story...

Because I love a good laugh. I grew up in Europe so "my" humor is not always the same with US humor. I've learned to taste American humor, and still some jokes pass right over me...

I enjoy the choreography. The grandiose sets, costumes, the songs that make sense, fit well into the story.

True Stories
Even though some are "Hollywooded" - in the sense of twisting some of the reality, to hype up the action, to not lose the audience. But still keeps the true seed of the story.

    but here is what I'm actually working on :)

Now, this is a Documentary. I've been told to watch 100 docs before I start on my own one... That is OUTRAGEOUS, but doable.  Or, take a Doc class.  Well, more of "me" later, here is more about the project. :P

Princess Diana Story

I've been asked why! Why I chose to create this.

Mayo Clinic in AZ explains what MS is


Because it can take even 10 years to diagnose it

Because I Love Orange    and     I wear it proudly

I've met some awesome people and heard even more life stories. I can't wait to share them with the world. I initially had a "due date" but that has been pushed back and still going :) I am no longer putting stress on that date. I am going along with the situations and doors that open towards making this a documentary that will make a difference in the world.

If after the film is seen and people are talking about it, I already won. I want the public, to take away from it something. Having the doctors better trained to diagnose it quicker is my ultimate goal. So raising awareness is just a step towards it.

check it out and share
FB Page

Thank you for your time and come back soon :)

entertain yourself with funny license plates 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Through the Lens- photos with David Apeji

If you'd like to book this amazing photographer, check him out:   Pixyst1
Here is more of his work!

All photos are copyright of David Apeji

If you'd like to be featured in the premiere issue of an alternative fashion magazine, message me.