Sunday, April 21, 2013

Writting big to day and with grannar mystakes. ha! find em queek.

dee-tails, rite?
A mizunderstandeeng, can gauze so many PRO-blems.
listen to some PINK while you hang on to this page.

not tired- because it's morning somewhere! HA!  Cereal time? or still Beer time?  either way, enjoy ingesting what you've decided, on and around this page @_-

have you played Jinga before?  NO!!! Don't tell me the game with wood blocks! Jinga! The "slaves' game"   hold your drink ;) I will not annoy you in any way!
sit back confortably and continue reading! better yet, watch this!

Now that you've got an idea, pay attention: Brain!

loved the song? Paranaue?   "only the strong" is the movie made about CAPOEIRA.
wear Brasil JellyBeans  share a poster listen to songs

come back and tell me if you did go and look for an academy in your area. try it! nothing to lose, but a tooth or two.  lol   joking! they won't take you out in the first class! ha-ha-ha

STILL HAVE DOUGHTS? (i know! i know! doubts) YOU STILL THINK, capoeira "is just a dance"?

watch this till the end, or better yet, just the last part!

NoW! tell me what u think! dee-tails, rite?!   :) 
                       my opinion: it's a way of kicking your A$$ while dancing! :)

stay sexy!