Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I feel Orange today! Is that normal?

            here is a quick scenario. {go visual}

Imagine tomorrow you wake up and your whole arm is still asleep. You might think you slept on it, and it's numb, and will come back to "its senses" soon. Go on with your morning routine.

[talking about the morning routine: i have no idea what's your beliefs, therefore I will go ahead and suggest something (new) for you to listen:  click here  <- it's just Hindu Mantras. no harm :)

Go do your thing, stretch, take your pajamas off, drain the pipes, brush your areas that need brushing, wash the ones in need, and, oh yeah- roll off the bed, not your eyes!  (0)_(0)  not necessarily in that order.

              you eat, your arm is still numb. it feels tingly at the fingers.  you go to work, your arm starts to feel like you are wearing a thick glove when you touch things...

                                                                   FFWD TIME: 3 months later

 your arm is still numb. have went to get checked and there is no answer for it from the medical perspective.

should I FFWD more or tell you more?   FFWD was my answer too! (*~*)

                                                                  FFWD TIME: 3 months later

 your coworker gives you a mini TWIX candy bar (your favorite!) and you have a hell of a time trying to tear the wrapper open...

have yOu heard of MS? Did you kNow my Fav color Is OrangE? aNd yEt that I aM allergIc to oRanges? dOes it boTher you thAt I writE liKe ThiS?

click on: how about this!

this could be MS. a symptom.. scary right? I am working on making an independent documentary from the patient's point of view about MS. How it is to live with it and how people cope with it. 
         DID YOU KNOW, THERE IS NO CURE, YET?!     google it! and: wear one if you care

Did you know Jack Osborne got diagnosed? here is his PSA. I am surprised that it has so little views..

and of course I had to throw in there a video with loveable cats. enjoy:

stay sexy!