Thursday, April 24, 2014

Publishing your memoirs, poems, novel...

What does it take to get published?

In many cultures, when the child is 1 year old, there is a custom to have a tray full of trinkets- to predict the future. Place it in front of the kid and have him/her choose. The first three things that are picked, those are ones that (supposedly) going to have the child succeed in life.

Well, a bit about me: one of the things I picked was a pen. :)

And lately I realized I am eager to publish some of my writings...

I have been writing since I was in my teens. I have a few poems published in different publications in Europe. And now, that I live in the great land of USA, I want to give it a try.


Some poems here and there, some ideas, thoughts... no harm, right?  How about a alternative fashion magazine, showcasing international and local artists?

let me know if you'd be interested to be part of it. I will give u more info. :)

and stand by for the poetry book: DEFIANT!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stay Healthy. Which is harder? Workout or diet?

 here is my little page- where
 I am collecting ideas fro a good easy, practical, healthy life

Many say it's tougher to maintain the diet than the actual work out... What do you think?

I second that.  :)  it's hard to keep away from cookies, chocolate, icecream... I have not only one sweet tooth, I have several!!!   
this is FABIO
I have quite a few friends who work out and maintain a healthy life style that is to envy. 

This is VAHANA- an awesome pro bodybuilder.

So, here it is. You can add your own motivational photos, tips, ideas of how to make your life style easier, more practical, to live happy and healthy overall :)  (no politics, plz)

And this is King. (page coming soon)