Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sunshine Girls

Who is this hottie?

Let's look from a different angle:

 How about now?

 That's right! It is Sally Ann Francis

SAG-AFTRA awesome actress who can change and mold for any role and look natural.

I had the opportunity to work with her. She put on the Russian attire of a general's wife and instantly she became one. Her accent, her posture, her acting skills showed once again that Sally can do anything.

Here she is next to Don Teply and EricAnimal Rane. Arizona actors extraordinaires.

Well, behind the long blonde hair and astonishing blue eyes, there is a true lover for the arts.

  She produced "a short film done sitcom style about four elderly and feisty females forced to live in a retirement center after losing their husbands. They feel their lives are mundane until they realize friendship is everything." 


Check who's attention this great comedy captured?
I was already screened at COMICON and coming up in Jerome Film Fest.

Here are some of the cast and crew behind the scenes photos

 Kevin R. Phipps (director) and Steve Wargo (director of photography). Photo courtesy of Jason David.
Max Zicchino (Gertie's Boy Toy). Photo courtesy of Jason David.

Sunshine Girls on FB Page

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Cat in photo: Yarr


                                       Here she is on a bike-- >

Sally should change her name to: "Sally The Bad A$$ The Hottie"

Want to see more of her work? Book her?                         Sally's Website

and her IMDB credits: 

 Way to go, Sally!