Saturday, April 27, 2013

Filming for the Future

 I love to love what/who is around me. Except a headache, a stinky bum, a spider.

But first- something funny:  a BTS video. Enjoy play fight Maculele

When an opportunity appears, what you do?

 a:  Sit around for it to get closer, arm's reach to get it
 b:  Get ready, get steady- to get it
 c: go for it, and hope your skills are going to make you be successful.

 Yes, I'd pick C as well..  Do you have all the "goodies" to be shooting a "one man army" style shoot? Here are some  DIY camera stuff that won't have you consider selling a kidney just to pay for them.

When something comes up, that you know it will not come again- EVER- what you do? let me help you:  GO GET IT!   I did.  More info about it - on the way.

 here are  Samba girls dancing. 

Stay sexy