Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Fascinating World of Cosplay

From a (semi) beginner's point of view. 
I am relatively new to the comicon scene, but I've always been a fond of dressing up in characters. Once I've got the courage to go to my first Comicon in Phoenix, four years ago, I got hooked. It felt great to be around a sea of people that embrace the same passion. From that day on, the rest is history.

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How hard is it to put a costume together of your favorite character, in time for COMICON ?

 On a budget, too? There are plenty of DIY sites and YouTube tutorials out there.

And the toughest question of all: Once you've got it all ready, do you have the guts to go outside in that costume? Will you stay in character the entire time?

After you buy yourself the 4-day ticket, way in advance, because the earlier you plan it the more money savvy it will be.

These guys did a great job portraying the new Baywatch (2017) movie .

Once you've finished the cosplay, you MUST wear it around the house, backyard, front, if it's not going to scare the neighbors, to make sure it fits proper, doesn't hurt, or falls apart if you sneeze.

Friendly advice: Figure out how to take it off to go to the bathroom, and fit it all in the small stall. You have to stay hydrated.

Check out my experience at: Steampunkista on FB

 You can easily hide your backpack to keep your keys, phone, tickets, water, etc- making it part of the costume, or have an awesome BFF who will hold your stuff. :) Battle buddy system works best.

To make it even more memorable, you can set up a mini photoshoot with expert cosplay photographers in your area for a small fee.

 Here are a few in Arizona, I've worked with and I highly recommend:

Let me know your journey! :)

and if you feel courageous enough, submit your info to the independent magazine which showcases international artists of all kinds: O.RAMA.FEDERATION . 18+ and free to submit. send a message today of your story.
xoxo! stay sexy everyone!

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