Friday, April 24, 2015

Cheaper Coffee- Ground Coffee

Supposedly coffee stains your teeth, among many other foods and habits we have. 
I found the remedy. Most of you may not like it. 
I will ease you in: I like my coffee room temperature. 

I drink mine with a straw. You can't really do that if you like it flaming hot. It's a compromise you gotta make. Or not. :)

Through the straw, the least amount will touch your teeth, and even then it will be already mixed with saliva. It will be way less concentrated. 

I enjoy to make my own: Turkish style.

In this tiny IBRIK (ibri:q) the magic happens. 

I brought this with me from my last trip to Europe. It helps because it starts to boil really fast. The small amount of liquid intake is not having me take too many breaks in the morning (to go tinkle). 

Friendly Advice:

If you are not used to the strength of it, then don't drink it before an important meeting or a test. It tends to make you shake, uncontrollably.  LOL 

My father used to laugh a lot when he saw people walking around with the pint size coffee pot all day long. He was whispering, sarcastically: "Wean yourself already. You are over 18." :))

I realized I was not a fan of coffee for a long time, in my life. Health problems- I guess I can blame it on that- have had me get on the COFFEE DEPENDENCY WAGON. 

Coffee, is a "drug". It creates dependency, and as your body gets accustomed to it, it asks more and more. I've tested it myself. So whenever I need a "break", I cut it out- cold turkey. Gruesome, isn't it? Indeed, but the organism needs to have cycles. ON and OFF for basically everything. {Think about it} 

It helps with going easier the #2, flushes out what the unnecessaries. 

(unnecessaries - plural noun un·necessaries \¦ən+\  Definition of UNNECESSARIES :  expendable material :  needless or unimportant things)


It lifts the low blood pressure. (that's my reason). By lunch time, I find myself with a headache and no energy. A 1/2 cup of TURKISH COFFEE and in 15-20 min, I am ready for the world. :)



Here are some names you might already know.

The name cezve is of Arabic origin, but the spelling derives from the Ottoman Turkish spelling in Arabic script (جذوه), based on Arabic جذوة, meaning a burning log or coal (presumably because the pot was heated on them)
Other regional variations of the word cezve are jezve and čezve. In Ukrainian and Russian, the word is spelled джезва (where it exists alongside турка, IPA: [ˈturkə]). In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia it is a long-necked coffee pot, spelled "džezva".

Other names

  • In Greece, the device is called briki (μπρίκι), a borrowed word from the Ottoman Turks.
  • In Macedonia, it is known as ѓезве (ǵezve).
  • In Armenian, the brewer is called jazva (Ջազվա).
  • In Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, the cezva is known as džezva.
  • In Bulgaria, cezve is known as джезве (džezve).
  • In Israel the vessel is commonly known as a פינג'אן (finjan), a name derived from the Arabic term for a small serving cup.
  • In Kosovo and Albania the word gjezve/xhezve is used, as Turkish coffee is very popular there.
  • Raqwa (rakwa) — Rakwa is an Arabic word
  • Zezwa — The Tunisian name derived from Cezve.
  • Kanaka — The Egyptian Arabic term.
  • Ghallāye — The Palestinian term.
  • In Russia, cezve is commonly called "turka" (“турка”, 'too-rkuh').
  • In Romanian, the brewer is called "ibric".

My thumb is showing off my BUNNY BUTTS I've made, even though Easter already passed, eh, I make my own holidays.
Es Un Conspiration CORNER:  Did anyone ever think about WHY already grounded coffee is cheaper than the whole beans coffee you buy at the store?

Naturally, it should be higher in price, because it took longer time, and time is $$, to ground it. Either a person's time (who is paid) and a machine (electricity, wear and tear, the machine itself)... made it "fine enough for your convenience. So why is it cheaper?

Little less coffee beans and a lot more chickpeas beans, grounded together. MUCH CHEAPER. {something to think about}

COFFEE made from chickpeas and chicory... also.

Are you familiar with "Chicory". It is a natural caffeine free drink, a.k.a DECAF coffee.

read more here: what-is-chicory
  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it as a liver tonic, sedative and appetite stimulant.
  • Early 19th century French chefs and writers believed chicory to be a 'contra-stimulante', that is, the sedative effects were a perfect compliment to the stimulating effects of the caffeine in coffee. On the other hand they believed its use by 'bloodless' or 'lymphatic' persons should be avoided.
  • The fresh root has been said to be useful against pulmonary consumption. A decoction of 1 oz of root to a pint of boiling water has been found to be effective against jaundice and liver enlargement.
  • Syrup of chicory is said to be an excellent laxative for children since it works without irritation.
  • Ancient herbalists considered the bruised leaves to make a good poultice for swelling and inflamed eyes.
  • Modern herbalists say chicory increases bile production, moderates a rapid heart rate, lowers cholesterol and destroy bacteria."

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