Monday, December 30, 2013

Commercials- behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how a commercial is done? What goes into a production of a 30 sec ad?

                                                                               these are behind the scenes photos from the Doritos commercial I put together in record time. (the commercial's link is at the bottom of the page, check it out, share it)

Talking about it and actually doing it, will take some energy, some say passion and/or craziness.
But, many are doing it ;)

                                     famous filmmakers started out making commercials

First coming out it the idea and then tamed it down to a "do-able" state can be a challenge.

Some go under the wing of the "elders" in the industry and learn on the job, or read intro to making commercials.

After getting the idea "do-able", think faces. who you want to represent your concept.

Finding actors in less than 12 hrs before shoot time kept me sleepless the night before.

I "saw" what I want, now I needed to get my actors to be available.
Calling, emailing, texting back and forth can be nerve wrecking.

don't do "your norm"

I enjoy working with individuals I know I can rely on.
Getting on set on time- is a big factor.
Coming with the correct wardrobe, helps ;)

aaand.... with the right attitude, can make the producer's/director's sanity stay intact.

I am learning to communicate better. :P I usually blame it on my accent. However, I know my areas that need improvement. Communicating correctly, blocking my actors, getting them to transform, and get into character- is an art!

for now, enjoy the sites, and the commercial. ttys more about commercials. 

some of the crew and actors  ----->

enjoy the youtube
that we got done in record time!

thank you everyone involved and for your dedication!

stay sexy!!