Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Artist, the Oil Painter- Dan Grigorescu

Dan Grigorescu is one artist that you don't get to meet often. I was fortunate to visit his house and check out some of his works. For the naked and untrained eye, his paintings probably make little to no sense. 

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Here is Dan himself, talking about it.


In my works I talk about the integration in Absolute. My work represents the mankind epic journey in Universe, the beginning and the end of our voyage, our fall and rise, the possible Salvation, the God existing within each of us, love and hope. 
The technique is oil on canvas and most of my paintings are 80cm x 55cm. 
A small number of my paintings are 160cm x110cm


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Let me know, if you are interested in purchasing, exhibits, galleries, future projects and collaborations- a message here. :)

DATE OF BIRTH November 25th, 1954. 

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 CAREER Both personal and group exhibitions, in Romania and abroad. 
Among them: 
· „Arts and belief ” – National Colloquium Sibiu, 1992 
· Group exhibition „ Blaga Memorial”, Alba-Iulia, 1993
 · „Voronetiana Suceava, 1994
 · „Five Romanian Painters” – Gallery Dorottya,   Budapest, 1994 
 · „Sacrum in art” – County Museum of, Zalau, 1995 
· Personal exhibition ”Icons on glass”, Dorobanti Hotel, Bucharest, 1995 
· „ Landscapes from town” – Rottenburg Tauber, Germania, 1996 
 · Personal exhibition – Siemernn, Germania, 1997 
 · Expozitie de grup – Muzeul de Arta, Lugoj, 1998 
 Group exhibition – Bucharest, 2000 
National exhibition “The four elements”, organized by  Plastic Artists Union– Bucharest, 2001 
Transylvanian Towns –Sighisoara Festival,  2003 
 Studio Exhibition – Bucharest, 2004
 2004-2011 standing aside, in order to study philosophic and religious literature and build up his own artistic philosophy 
Works in Bucharest art galleries, in private collection in Romania and abroad. 
  EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUD 1969-1973 Highschool of Fine Arts „Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucharest 1973-1976 
University of Fine Arts „Ion Andreescu”, Cluj, (Mircea Vremir class)  
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION Member of Fine Arts Fund Member of Romanian Plastic Artists Union