Monday, April 27, 2015

Incapacitated.. but still functioning

  and here comes the irony: 
In my spare time, I practice CAPOEIRA. I adore this sport.
 In my other "spare time" I shoot people. (with my camera)
 and so on... 
Lately, my thumb got so injured, that the tendon needs a break, OR IT WILL BREAK. The blood escaped the vein and got so close to the skin, my thumb looked like an EGGPLANT.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE EGGPLANT SALAD. (Recipe coming after a few paragraphs, maybe)
 Double the size, the "ripe" color of an eggplant, and painful like salt in your eyes.

 This is the best I can do with my RIGHT hand. Not too dramatic. Right?
Did I mention I am a lefty?
That changes things. It is like learning to walk all over again. Not to mention most of the kitchen utensils are not lefty-friendly, that includes most of the scissors. I still managed to make a few bow ties.
Papillon -in French is the bowtie. it means butterfly. See the resemblance?
Farfalle- is the Italian pasta from FARFALLA- butterfly; cravatta a farfalla.

shop here for your own bowtie   more to come :)

Not being able to do other things, I actually climbed a mountain. Whatta Hike!  LOL  Awesome view, agreed?

Peep me! I realized these are good!  

Let's accessorize. How is that?
Idea came from a friend, and it's genius. (You will get to meet him soon).  (Come back to future posts, so you can see where ME AND MY THUMB have been and how it got "fashioned"up :))

 I will leave you on this note: the magazine is OUT!!  :)

and it's already having unusual readers! 


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