Thursday, May 2, 2013

Persian Rugs, Persian Music- RABAB

I've had the amazing pleasure to meet a very interesting artist and a even more interesting instrument.
  I was staring at this out-of-ordinary piece of art, like a kid in a candy shop.

While you wonder what this instrument is, listen to it!!   RABAB MUSIC

this amazing international artist is a true masterpiece. He has traveled around the world enchanting the public with its original creations and aura. If you need your kids to be exposed to culture, find this guy. If you want to meditate, in search for your soul, pick up his his newest CD.
If you do yoga, try his tunes.

His fingers touching the cords, are making you transcend. Close your eyes and let the energy around you flow. Magic!
check pics on his personal artist page :)

As a huge fan, I've made a FAN page on FB!  Get on it!
FAN page

He is currently touring, and he might reach your area. You don't wanna miss this extraordinary experience.

More things are to happen. stay tuned and listen to Rabab music :)