Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steampunkista- Cosplay- a life style

Of course- u gotta listen to this, while u r on my page:   love song music
or if it's too mooshy, here is a more manly song

I had the pleasure to meet LUEY ELECTRIHEAD!!

 Steampunk- Cosplay-  Rave-- the man with many faces!

Who are Cosplay people?   

Missunderstood people?! sometimes.

geeks.. drug addicts...   ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

everyone should try dressing up at least once in their lives and going to COMICON, SABOTEN, etc

A short video about LUEY is coming soon!

photo by: EVA TREVINO

Luey doing his lightshow!

 Luey Electrihead-------------------------->>
  in action!

LUEY in VORTEX magazine. photo by Rossan Santos

Enjoying a fun event...

     as Halloween is ONLY once a year...

                Be yourself- let boring people be in AWE!

  In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ocgPz-F-w   LUEY is doing a lightshow!                                                      ENJOY  
Well, I enjoy dressing up, taking a new face, being invincible for some time. 
Check the vission of my amazing friend EMMA in this:  Tempus Viator video 

here is a photo from behind the scenes took by Philip Huerta

A MASK! a fence... A miss.

I am feeling bloo. and yet- YOLO.. lol   rite! here i am - RAW!

Images of soldiers and dragons
Fill my dreams, still
I've put my all in two wagons
Tell me your pains, I am your pill

Hold me till the morning sun
shines through the curtains
I am your target, give me your gun
Help me release my endorphins

I hear guitars and drums
Your heartbeat while laying on me
The outside world ours becomes 
Tie me up, so I can feel free

steampunkista what?! 

thank you!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Filming for the Future

 I love to love what/who is around me. Except a headache, a stinky bum, a spider.

But first- something funny:  a BTS video. Enjoy play fight Maculele

When an opportunity appears, what you do?

 a:  Sit around for it to get closer, arm's reach to get it
 b:  Get ready, get steady- to get it
 c: go for it, and hope your skills are going to make you be successful.

 Yes, I'd pick C as well..  Do you have all the "goodies" to be shooting a "one man army" style shoot? Here are some  DIY camera stuff that won't have you consider selling a kidney just to pay for them.

When something comes up, that you know it will not come again- EVER- what you do? let me help you:  GO GET IT!   I did.  More info about it - on the way.

 here are  Samba girls dancing. 

Stay sexy

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Banned and love it! film style

if there is a will there's a way...

" a dolly shot"  
     "a crane"

besides all those names- who cares what they mean, and yet, knowing them, is the reason you are still on the payroll. ;)

 Dolly, I thought we were going to talk about Dolly Parton

and a "Crane" is we are going to the Japanese Zoo

ND filters- I thought we were talking about INDIE, independent filters... HUH?!

and so on... here some sugar coated advice:

LEARN THE DAMMED LINGO before you get on set. No matter what your job will be on set, just be familiar w these! PLEASE! 

Now, for the ladies- here is a hunk talking :)

back to biz:      3 point lighting    too easy right?


show me what you did!  post pics
now, if you've learned how to light up your set, you might be ready to bring your website to light, here:  
more exposure for your website! 
You're welcome! :)

aaaaand, you might think of the title-- "BANNED"  i've been using my FB as an email and "for sending too many messages" I am banned for a while now!  boooo!

stay sexy everyone! xoxo

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Writting big to day and with grannar mystakes. ha! find em queek.

dee-tails, rite?
A mizunderstandeeng, can gauze so many PRO-blems.
listen to some PINK while you hang on to this page.

not tired- because it's morning somewhere! HA!  Cereal time? or still Beer time?  either way, enjoy ingesting what you've decided, on and around this page @_-

have you played Jinga before?  NO!!! Don't tell me the game with wood blocks! Jinga! The "slaves' game"   hold your drink ;) I will not annoy you in any way!
sit back confortably and continue reading! better yet, watch this!

Now that you've got an idea, pay attention: Brain!

loved the song? Paranaue?   "only the strong" is the movie made about CAPOEIRA.
wear Brasil JellyBeans  share a poster listen to songs

come back and tell me if you did go and look for an academy in your area. try it! nothing to lose, but a tooth or two.  lol   joking! they won't take you out in the first class! ha-ha-ha

STILL HAVE DOUGHTS? (i know! i know! doubts) YOU STILL THINK, capoeira "is just a dance"?

watch this till the end, or better yet, just the last part!

NoW! tell me what u think! dee-tails, rite?!   :) 
                       my opinion: it's a way of kicking your A$$ while dancing! :)

stay sexy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I feel Orange today! Is that normal?

            here is a quick scenario. {go visual}

Imagine tomorrow you wake up and your whole arm is still asleep. You might think you slept on it, and it's numb, and will come back to "its senses" soon. Go on with your morning routine.

[talking about the morning routine: i have no idea what's your beliefs, therefore I will go ahead and suggest something (new) for you to listen:  click here  <- it's just Hindu Mantras. no harm :)

Go do your thing, stretch, take your pajamas off, drain the pipes, brush your areas that need brushing, wash the ones in need, and, oh yeah- roll off the bed, not your eyes!  (0)_(0)  not necessarily in that order.

              you eat, your arm is still numb. it feels tingly at the fingers.  you go to work, your arm starts to feel like you are wearing a thick glove when you touch things...

                                                                   FFWD TIME: 3 months later

 your arm is still numb. have went to get checked and there is no answer for it from the medical perspective.

should I FFWD more or tell you more?   FFWD was my answer too! (*~*)

                                                                  FFWD TIME: 3 months later

 your coworker gives you a mini TWIX candy bar (your favorite!) and you have a hell of a time trying to tear the wrapper open...

have yOu heard of MS? Did you kNow my Fav color Is OrangE? aNd yEt that I aM allergIc to oRanges? dOes it boTher you thAt I writE liKe ThiS?

click on: how about this!

this could be MS. a symptom.. scary right? I am working on making an independent documentary from the patient's point of view about MS. How it is to live with it and how people cope with it. 
         DID YOU KNOW, THERE IS NO CURE, YET?!     google it! and: wear one if you care


Did you know Jack Osborne got diagnosed? here is his PSA. I am surprised that it has so little views..


and of course I had to throw in there a video with loveable cats. enjoy:

stay sexy!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another day where I'd rather show you than tell you

while you read- play this. it's calming. :) Maurice Ravel


Had some decisions to make contemplating between "should I stay or should I go" type of situations

I enjoy filming commercials, music videos, features, docs...

what do all these below have in common?

- a microphone is like a cane to a blind man right now.
- a continuous flash LED.

- a 50 mm lens 1.4.

- an external battery grip. (lenghtens the battery time to a double time)

well? common area is?

going once!
     going twice!
           going 3 times!
about $300

ANY IDEAS? brand names, recommendations, suggestions?- comment below :)

in the mean time, while I'm debating which organ to sell, I've found something else to enjoy:
  funny film shirt  lgbt film shirt keep laptop warm

and some dancing:
stress reliever

grab some cheap cherry red wine  and enjoy some quiet time.

stay sexy!