Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another day where I'd rather show you than tell you

while you read- play this. it's calming. :) Maurice Ravel


Had some decisions to make contemplating between "should I stay or should I go" type of situations

I enjoy filming commercials, music videos, features, docs...

what do all these below have in common?

- a microphone is like a cane to a blind man right now.
- a continuous flash LED.

- a 50 mm lens 1.4.

- an external battery grip. (lenghtens the battery time to a double time)

well? common area is?

going once!
     going twice!
           going 3 times!
about $300

ANY IDEAS? brand names, recommendations, suggestions?- comment below :)

in the mean time, while I'm debating which organ to sell, I've found something else to enjoy:
  funny film shirt  lgbt film shirt keep laptop warm

and some dancing:
stress reliever

grab some cheap cherry red wine  and enjoy some quiet time.

stay sexy!