Friday, June 28, 2013

Animated- The Grim

Animation.. looks easy but it is far from it. Digital animation has so many details to be taken in consideration. I think I would need a lot of patience. I haven't worked with animation software before but I know someone who does. 

His name is Hasani Walker and I met him while I was going to an audition for The Grim. 

I was super excited because finally in the casting call they were looking for people with foreign accents. Yes! I have one, as I am from somewhere in Europe ;)  Here is a photo-hint:

I was thrilled to learn about this project. Here is the FB Page to TheGrimAnimation

Here are some of the characters in the play. 

This is Gertrude The Fox
                                     Blue Jay

         Check it out! Also videos of the progress on Hasani's YouTube Channel   

I was picked to be the voice of Blue Jay. It was a new experience for me. To be in the recording studio, having the script in front of me, in the end transformed into this character.

 What makes this much more elaborate is the fact that he is using actual sets, real live sets- miniature, and the digital animated characters. This mix is the work of a true dedicated artist like Hasani. 

Here are some of Gertrude's facial expressions that you will see in the episodes.  The film has it's own Blog The Grim. Check it out!

Stay close and check for updates often, because big things are about to happen with this film.

You think Hasani is taking a break? Nope! He is constantly working on something exhilarating. Check out his new project!

Stay close to this FB Page SuicideFriends

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come!

 say Hello! to Hasani on SUICIDE FRIENDS Blog

                                          Stay Sexy EVERYONE! Enjoy the SUMMER :)