Friday, May 17, 2013

Making a short film based on a play... Kerry and Angie

 I was fortunate to work as a 2nd AD on a 2 day shoot with director: Amanda Melby

"Kerry and Angie, a short film based on the Gerry Sheridan's play of the same name, shot in Arizona, fall 2011. Amanda Melby is directing Judith Tobi Eisenberg and Cynthia Rube. Webb Pickersgill is the Director of Photography and Editor. "

The film got a great cast: Judith Eisenberg and Cynthia Rube
Dickie Briggs, Laura Munoz-Bottini, David Vining, Karen Lewsader, Pat Tinney, Aaron Seever, Mallory Adams, Sally Ann Francis, Dan Taylor, Pat Tinney, Rob Barr, Steve Fajardo, Michelle Allen, Holly Benscoter, David Vining, Dustin James Leighton, Neo Martinson, Gabriel Cervantes, Kay Barry, and more.. 

                                                                               A behind the scenes photo, between takes, the priest is taking a nap.


check the director:

in the newspaper

photos by: Ivana Kat
Well, let's talk about children on set. 

some grin, some drop everything and run the opposite way!  LOL
Working with babies is a hassle. You never know how they woke up that morning. Are they going to cooperate? Everything, is set- lights, camera, angles, props, and baby needs a diaper change.. NOOOO!!  :))

This set was well prepared. A real baby was used when necessary and a prop baby when needed. Beautiful organization! Great pre-production attention to details! Bravo!

Check more pics from shooting days:  FB page of Kerry and Angie

 This guy looks like the mafia. Well, he is the Script Supervisor for the film. He could be considered the "mafia".  He carefully oversees the dialogue, what the director says after each take, and the DP- taking notes the entire time. A tough job and yet, a coveted one, in the film industry.

A Script Supervisor in Los Angeles makes this much on his/her  yearly salary

 Here is Patrick, being the clapper    
And Charles who is the grip

Here is Amanda "blocking" for the next scene.

 Amanda, has a studio you should check out- where there are offered acting classes and many more.

Verve Studios in Arizona

stay sexy everyone!