Monday, July 29, 2013

Healthy Or Happy? EASY (somewhat) Wierd Recipes

 It's summer and ARI(d)ZONA is hott.

Air Conditioned is a must and big tall drinks with the umbrella- either way!

    This one was another healthy Monster:

                                                          PAPA-LEE Juice

 Sweet enough and tangy from the lemon.

Of course CELERY- (not a good friend of mine  :-P
The more I try these new fruits and veggies, the more I cut of off my "i like" list!  lol  Anyone else has this problem?  :))

Papaya-- hmm... Where is your flavor?  Where is your texture?  All you have going towards you is the amazing ORANGE color- which I adore.  You can comment on this as I had to be a giggly teenager at heart and take a photo of it cut. It is funny!!!

<-----------        L O  L

To keep it simple,
check the photos for what
I've used in this JUICE!

1 kiwi
lemon juice
papaya- what you see cut in the bowl

If it's not sweet enough, add HONEY!

You can never go wrong with honey.

If it's not smooth enough, add WATER!

You can always sub it with milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or even tea.

Adding other bottle juices, defeats the purpose of eating/drinking healthy!

You can even leave a piece of CELERY out, and dip it in the end in the juice glass. It will give it a fancier look! :)

I kept taking photos of this combination. I'd like to create a dress with these colors. :)

Health Benefits:





187 % of Vitamin C- LEMON


Again- you can GO GREENER! And either put it in the COMPOST pile, or

add it to any meal. Saute, broil, fry, bake.  Just not by itself.

Add spices, salt, maybe meat, make it a soup...

Let me know how it goes.

Don't be afraid to do it!

Stay Sexy!