Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steampunkista- Cosplay- a life style

Of course- u gotta listen to this, while u r on my page:   love song music
or if it's too mooshy, here is a more manly song

I had the pleasure to meet LUEY ELECTRIHEAD!!

 Steampunk- Cosplay-  Rave-- the man with many faces!

Who are Cosplay people?   

Missunderstood people?! sometimes.

geeks.. drug addicts...   ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

everyone should try dressing up at least once in their lives and going to COMICON, SABOTEN, etc

A short video about LUEY is coming soon!

photo by: EVA TREVINO

Luey doing his lightshow!

 Luey Electrihead-------------------------->>
  in action!

LUEY in VORTEX magazine. photo by Rossan Santos

Enjoying a fun event...

     as Halloween is ONLY once a year...

                Be yourself- let boring people be in AWE!

  In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ocgPz-F-w   LUEY is doing a lightshow!                                                      ENJOY  
Well, I enjoy dressing up, taking a new face, being invincible for some time. 
Check the vission of my amazing friend EMMA in this:  Tempus Viator video 

here is a photo from behind the scenes took by Philip Huerta

A MASK! a fence... A miss.

I am feeling bloo. and yet- YOLO.. lol   rite! here i am - RAW!

Images of soldiers and dragons
Fill my dreams, still
I've put my all in two wagons
Tell me your pains, I am your pill

Hold me till the morning sun
shines through the curtains
I am your target, give me your gun
Help me release my endorphins

I hear guitars and drums
Your heartbeat while laying on me
The outside world ours becomes 
Tie me up, so I can feel free

steampunkista what?! 

thank you!

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