Friday, July 5, 2013

Healthy Or Happy? EASY (somewhat) Wierd Recipes

a.k.a.   Mid-nite "healthy" snakcking!

Being always on the run, I forget to eat a good meal. So, cookies and chocolate are a quick fix.

Being always on the run, all food stays "longer fresh", well, FROZEN.

So after a full 4 days of shooting, and meetings, I've found myself at 2:30 a.m. after some grueling homework, I needed some sugar in my organism. And yet, wanting to be healthy.  GRRRR!! I've discovered chocolate chip cookies and everything with 65% more cocoa to be on my taste. In the same time I've realized I kind of substituted almost every meal with those "goodies". 

I simply picked up an apple and wanted it warm. So, I guess at 2 in the morning, anything goes… I picked what I saw first in the fridge.

Playing with the apple in my hand, I tried some juggling. All I was doing was more bruising to the apple than juggling. So I picked up a pan.  And from there this came out.

A no meat snack, supposedly healthy, and no cookies in sight. I made a promise to someone special (besides myself), that I will "correct" myself.  :-p
Sauté App-Gar-Car-Toe Sammich experiment-

but before all the ingredients, and instructions, here is something i want to share: Ghee.          The miracle Bollywood Fat  or GHEE

1tsp of oil/butter/ghee
1 apple sliced, no seeds
mix in there till you can smell it
1 half cup of garlic uncut
mix together until it turns brown on both sides
1 half cup of carrots (frozen)
mix it all till carrots are softened/defrosted and then hard again
1 tomato cut European style slices
sizzle it in over all that, till turns into a paste

stir often. (i had the garlic in a bag in the freezer and it turned out very puffed up and juicy inside.- good)

With each ingredient addition, new aromas filled the kitchen.

and pour it all on toasted bread.

While all this stirring and mixing, I got really hungry so, again, opened the fridge and picked what I saw first: a guacamole jar, bread and the MILD salsa jar.

Guaca-Salsa Sammich
 2/3 parts guacamole+ 1/3 part salsa
         =on toast.

The spices from the salsa numbed my taste buds, and still i was able to sense each bite, with its own specific "smack and sting".

Notice, I did not add any spices, powders, dried greens, not even salt or pepper. I like to have each taste untamed, natur, if better said. :)

Now, let's get down to business. What is this good for? A mid-night snack?! Never healthy. Unless mid-night is just a number on the clock, you don't go to sleep right after.

Apple- good for digestion
garlic- anti infection
carrots- good for skin
tomato- iron

guacamole- simply rich. FYI, in many countries in South America, mothers of newborns, if they can't nurse their babies, a liquefied paste made from avocados is made and fed to them, until they are able to eat solid foods.  
salsa, just because I wanted something spicy. It was salty, but mixed with guacamole, on the hot toast, did amazing. :)

Stay Sexy and Snack Healthy!  xoxo

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