Monday, June 29, 2015

Me And My Thumb- a title just like that

I decorated thy Thumb. From now on it is safe!  LOL
By the way, did anyone see the 1st season? It is on Netflix and it is hilarious. :)

 Looking at entertainment in Arizona, it is slow but "getting there". I guess you have to look for fun or make your own.

 Got to hang with fabulous Japanese drummers. Taiko Drumming you've got to experience at least once in your life time. :)

 Back to being "incapacitated" and the struggle to do everyday things, I did more than just that. I've created bow ties. Their names are how I was feeling at the time. 
See here: WHICH ONE fits you best. For you and/or for your pet.


 I had to play a prank, because it was there.. so I just had to!  :))

The ocean has a sense of humor too.

Hurt, but not dead, I say!  My first time doing this, in the ocean.. something to remember for decades to come. I know I will NOT forget to: LEAN LEFT! LEAN LEFT!  :))
Who did this before, understands. ;)
From the Hawaii trip, I got a souvenir. Even though it is made in Philippines, "ME AND MY THUMB" still love it.

Stopped by Hawaii Chess Fest

Hanging by the pool, keeping my thumb dry, checking out distortions that the warm Arizona water makes. :)

Till next time.   stay sexy everyone!