Friday, May 17, 2013

Making a short film based on a play... Kerry and Angie

 I was fortunate to work as a 2nd AD on a 2 day shoot with director: Amanda Melby

"Kerry and Angie, a short film based on the Gerry Sheridan's play of the same name, shot in Arizona, fall 2011. Amanda Melby is directing Judith Tobi Eisenberg and Cynthia Rube. Webb Pickersgill is the Director of Photography and Editor. "

The film got a great cast: Judith Eisenberg and Cynthia Rube
Dickie Briggs, Laura Munoz-Bottini, David Vining, Karen Lewsader, Pat Tinney, Aaron Seever, Mallory Adams, Sally Ann Francis, Dan Taylor, Pat Tinney, Rob Barr, Steve Fajardo, Michelle Allen, Holly Benscoter, David Vining, Dustin James Leighton, Neo Martinson, Gabriel Cervantes, Kay Barry, and more.. 

                                                                               A behind the scenes photo, between takes, the priest is taking a nap.


check the director:

in the newspaper

photos by: Ivana Kat
Well, let's talk about children on set. 

some grin, some drop everything and run the opposite way!  LOL
Working with babies is a hassle. You never know how they woke up that morning. Are they going to cooperate? Everything, is set- lights, camera, angles, props, and baby needs a diaper change.. NOOOO!!  :))

This set was well prepared. A real baby was used when necessary and a prop baby when needed. Beautiful organization! Great pre-production attention to details! Bravo!

Check more pics from shooting days:  FB page of Kerry and Angie

 This guy looks like the mafia. Well, he is the Script Supervisor for the film. He could be considered the "mafia".  He carefully oversees the dialogue, what the director says after each take, and the DP- taking notes the entire time. A tough job and yet, a coveted one, in the film industry.

A Script Supervisor in Los Angeles makes this much on his/her  yearly salary

 Here is Patrick, being the clapper    
And Charles who is the grip

Here is Amanda "blocking" for the next scene.

 Amanda, has a studio you should check out- where there are offered acting classes and many more.

Verve Studios in Arizona

stay sexy everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Woof! Woof! Wilmer the Immigrant Dog

I have a dream...  

                              Well, take action towards it!!

Wilman did!

Wilman Vergara II is working hard to present to you:

"WíLMER SARNOSO-CHANDOSO is an Immigrant dog who is found at the U.S.- Mexico border, mangy and half dead. He is found by 2 US Border Patrol agents and one of them is about to be taken for a ride by this mischievous mutt!"

Wilmer's FB page

Here is some of the cast and crew!
In the newspaper

Behind the scenes

Wilman, mingling with the public at FILMBAR before the Showcase

Check out the Official Trailer

still haven't laughed enough?   here is a  Blooper Reel

Take some poop (soap) home.  website coming soon. check the FB page or here for updates.

 here is Wilman giving the Speech before the Screening in May at FILMBAR in Phoenix, AZ

Own A Radio Station

 He is all over in the media! Check this one out too! :)

stay sexy!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big Boobs! Big Problems! Bust'DD

Listen to this!! while you read. :)          The bigger, the better, right?   well... in most cases ;)

 Show your support with pendant Boobies for sale

We'll talk body parts in a few. This is a filmmaker's page.  Remember?! 

      Shooting in such intimate settings, keeping composure, staying professional. No unnecessary comments!

  Making the models feel comfortable, at ease to cooperate and get the shoot done within the allocated time. 

   Having the lights and the set ready for when the models arrive. Keep the staff to a minimum. 

<--------this is funny 
How can it be?

I've learned as I was measured.. 

 check it out- a fun house party with only women with measuring tapes!  ha!

ya. Don't think too dirty!  lol 

In a similar setting, I've got measured and the number was waaaay off!   
The solution is coming soon. Right now the "inventors" are looking for a skilled bra designer to work with. Anyone interested, let me know or just go on their FB page. and message them directly. 

This photo is from the actual   shoot of the commercial. On the right, it's Laura.

And Kim- the other BUST'DD.    Fun and any time willing to measure you, so get comfortable. 

 Check out the development of this amazing new concept and the company!

                                                Show your support with pendant Boobies for sale
stay sexy

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Sudanese artist- gone International Rex-T

(( don't forget- pay attention~  :P  many links on the page. so feel like a helicopter- and hoover over words ))     :  be a radio station owner
listen to this! and watch- it's worth- eye candy video:   samba and Sudan

This artist, is tough to reach. ALWAYS busy busy, in some plane, going to or from a performance. 

Keeping it real, he sings on Sudanese beats, original work with his crew. 
Rex T and his crew, bringing you beats all the way from Sudan

Check his music and performance  : Rex T   

and here he is in the newspaper   : Arizona Foothills 

Create your own RADIO STATION and broadcast WORLDWIDE!
 Share your music, broadcast your message, and own the airwaves! : ALL RADIO NETWORK can help you create your own online media platform that allows you to play any genre of music and promote whatever you want. Their mobile app will get your voice, ideas, and products exposed worldwide.
 this pic is taken in a performance for WTAP, by : Stephen Yap- Welcome to America Project- a charity to raise money for refugees in Arizona.

Check the video at: :WTAP performance

Had the privilege to work with him a few times. He is fun fun! Full of energy and positive things to say!
oh, did I forget to mention? He has won quite a few awards! Here is his FB page. Drop by, and drop a line. He loves his fans!!

stay sexy everyone!

Call 1.800.435.4221 to take it to the next level!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cameras to choose or just rent? with Bivas Biswas

Filmmaker of the year- Bivas Biswas is recommending a camera that is somewhat affordable depending what you have in mind to use it for.  Bivas Biswas'   blog-

If you have a unconventional temper, where you just get up and start shooting, might as well go buy one.

If you like to plan and prepare months in advance a shoot, then you can easily rent.

Each version chosen has ups and downs. Which works for you?

check this cool cat's work  here   Bivas' IMDB

and this pic!  -------->
                                        just stunning

He can morph in many characters as well. He can act! Recently he's been taking IMPROV classes and practiced his foreign accents. He spoke to me in Russian accent and I could've sworn he was a national.  ya! That good! :)
Here, with Diane G. Dresback another amazing filmmaker, whom I've had the pleasure to work with.  check future posts- on her ;)

The feature film shot in Arizona: Paranoia

STAY SEXY everyone!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The world of fashion and its photographers

  listen to this: kazaky fashion music

                     A learning experience should be way far in your memory. Runway fashion photographer has to have skill and be quick. Did I mention the right equipment?
the right lens is critical.

If you shoot in RAW?


 too much movement?

What if the model doesn't stop on the dot?

more tips

somebody else "steals" your light? or you get an over exposed photo?

 some forums/groups of fashion photo

pick up the pieces. get creative in post production. 

"fix it in post"  how many times you've heard that?!

how many times did YOU say it?
prep and stay on top

see other people's work. get inspired. do what you love
fashion foto

see these:
photos from fashion shows and concerts

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Father Figures

Listen here or you are grounded!!

The Father Figures, are a group of Punk Rockers, who make headlines wherever they go!

if punk rock is your cup of tea, then chase them for concert dates and locations, dear Arizonians: FB PAGE

 Their style and originality tops many other musicians in this genre. Their stage appeal and sound is drawing you in. Try it sometime!
 As a filmmaker, filming a concert takes lots of guts and courage. Well, taking in consideration that lights are minimal or strobe, a Canon 7D is not capturing much. Soon a short video of their performance, I will post here :)
Till then, here is a fan wearing their shirt! Gotta love fans! I do! :)  
 what type of electric guitar is this? anyone know?  I am not familiar with instruments with strings... :-P

stand by- for updates. :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Persian Rugs, Persian Music- RABAB

I've had the amazing pleasure to meet a very interesting artist and a even more interesting instrument.
  I was staring at this out-of-ordinary piece of art, like a kid in a candy shop.

While you wonder what this instrument is, listen to it!!   RABAB MUSIC

this amazing international artist is a true masterpiece. He has traveled around the world enchanting the public with its original creations and aura. If you need your kids to be exposed to culture, find this guy. If you want to meditate, in search for your soul, pick up his his newest CD.
If you do yoga, try his tunes.

His fingers touching the cords, are making you transcend. Close your eyes and let the energy around you flow. Magic!
check pics on his personal artist page :)

As a huge fan, I've made a FAN page on FB!  Get on it!
FAN page

He is currently touring, and he might reach your area. You don't wanna miss this extraordinary experience.

More things are to happen. stay tuned and listen to Rabab music :)