Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Healthy Or Happy EASY (somewhat) Wierd Recipes

Smoothies! Juices!

They both scream: HEATLHY! right?

I worked on an E-Book where I had to take photos of smoothies, lots of fruits and veggies.
I enjoyed the process. It is not as complex as shooting an animal or someone running, in the night. 

 here are some tips on how to do that:

Until then, here is what I found in my fridge, juiced it all up and called it:

 My Green Monster

I first wanted to have it as a smoothie, but the celery, won't cooperate, and spinach will become strings...  

((I don't enjoy the taste of celery, in any way shape or form... :/  idk why, i just DON'T))

[...but it's good for ya...]  blah blah blah :P

      A green apple    
     a bunch of spinach
a celery "roll", or how you call that? :)
a mango

I got about 1 liter- (4 cups) of it. I put half in the fridge for next day. 

Did not taste GREAT to me... so I had to FIX it. I dunked in a whole bunch of ice cubes.

I realized- if it's chilled, I can't taste it too much.

And because it did not taste GREAT to me... again.. I had to FIX it even more. I got a straw and "go to town" :))

And the leftovers, I've heard before people actually adding more stuff to it and using it in soups, casseroles, or baking.

I have tried a few times with CARROT JUICE leftovers- made a carrot cake. Great choice!

With this "Green Mess" I've put it in the ground for compost.  :)

CELERY health Benefits

Celery Nutrition Facts

stay sexy! Stay Healthy!