Thursday, April 24, 2014

Publishing your memoirs, poems, novel...

What does it take to get published?

In many cultures, when the child is 1 year old, there is a custom to have a tray full of trinkets- to predict the future. Place it in front of the kid and have him/her choose. The first three things that are picked, those are ones that (supposedly) going to have the child succeed in life.

Well, a bit about me: one of the things I picked was a pen. :)

And lately I realized I am eager to publish some of my writings...

I have been writing since I was in my teens. I have a few poems published in different publications in Europe. And now, that I live in the great land of USA, I want to give it a try.


Some poems here and there, some ideas, thoughts... no harm, right?  How about a alternative fashion magazine, showcasing international and local artists?

let me know if you'd be interested to be part of it. I will give u more info. :)

and stand by for the poetry book: DEFIANT!