Monday, August 25, 2014

Poom Para Poom Ka- Premiere Release Poetry Book

Publishing is a different experience all together. Who said that it's "as easy as boiling eggs", lied!

 here is a tease from the actual poem Poom Para Poom Ka :

I feel like tomato juice. Why you sprinkle in it cinnamon?
I crave for crack on my gums. PB you shoved in my mouth. 

My turn to feed you, baby! I will cook for you, darling!
Spaghetti with cut up razors. Poom para poom ka
Bon apetit! Chew the sauce! I wanna see your bleeding jaw

I wanna count da stars and find the ones rainbow colored 
Pushing me to look into your eyes, I’m cornered.
I’m a pour bleach on your eyeballs when you sleep.
Pull them out with my spork. Poom para poom clack, 
Wanna find out if I fed my dog today? Fkuc!

 I found out the urban meanings of the POOM PARA POOM KA:

POOM- vagina (JAMAICA)
PARA - gold (INDIA) 
POOM KA- human essence (EGYPT)
CLACK- bullshit (LONDON)

It is a 20+ poems sprinkled with artistic photos. A variety of ideas and poetry styles worth the time.