Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Sudanese artist- gone International Rex-T

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listen to this! and watch- it's worth- eye candy video:   samba and Sudan

This artist, is tough to reach. ALWAYS busy busy, in some plane, going to or from a performance. 

Keeping it real, he sings on Sudanese beats, original work with his crew. 
Rex T and his crew, bringing you beats all the way from Sudan

Check his music and performance  : Rex T   

and here he is in the newspaper   : Arizona Foothills 

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 this pic is taken in a performance for WTAP, by : Stephen Yap- Welcome to America Project- a charity to raise money for refugees in Arizona.

Check the video at: :WTAP performance

Had the privilege to work with him a few times. He is fun fun! Full of energy and positive things to say!
oh, did I forget to mention? He has won quite a few awards! Here is his FB page. Drop by, and drop a line. He loves his fans!!

stay sexy everyone!

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