Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Looks like Bubble Time

Birthday party time! NOW!  LOL

says no one but the soap. :))

the zombie teeth whisper in the dark...

aliens take over

the pirate duck to the rescue!

the quacks have the blues

silence! A baby is born

Let's eat!  :))

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Looks Like Loops

Or loopy people. 




No idea why I am going in this direction, but I kind of like it. Who hasn't felt like running on the hamster wheel for years and years? Any changes happening? Big LOL about it and yet it makes you cry.. a little.. inside..?   

taking a chance. everytime you leave the house, it is a "taking a chance" deal. a big deal- if you have fear of open spaces. it is a phobia. all in your head, but, it is. and it's serious. 

buying a lottery ticket, is another "taking a chance" In Italian LOTTO, lotteria, means taking a chance with fortune, your luck. 


good night!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


and their effect on your physical body.

Did you know that after an emotional breakup your body feels pain when seeing a photo of your ex?


 Same it feels when you leave your favorite place, like selling your house, or losing your favorite shirt..

We love, we fall in love.. better said: FALL IN STUPID. Only when you are over your ears in love you do things you never would if you were "thinking normal"
What is that, anyways? Makes me laugh just thinking about it. We fall in stupid, though. You sit and reflect.
Why we pick the broken heart up, patch it up and then, here we go again. Looking for "love" a.k.a. the next one who will break it in more pieces than it was. The sense of belonging, maybe? The tingle you get in your stomach, or your toes, or wherever you feel it, can't be replaced. Or can it?

Food. It can do the trick. The fullness sensation can be a way!

That is what bodybuilders can say as well. Being in the gym, feeling the "sweet burn" of the muscle growing fixes everything. Then the result, the visual result, is pretty awesome! ;) check this guy out 

 Eye candy. 

A breakup does lots of damage if you've invested a lot of yourself in that relationship. Or it can do absolutely nothing, if all it was just a "fling". Men usually, (not all macho) get over a breakup easier. I say: MYTH!

              LOVE IS PAIN

also this video  can explain it better:   video that explains like WHOA!

I am not sure what advice to give for the ones that have broken hearts. Hold on to your sanity and don't do anything stupid. (really!) This too shall pass. Time is of the essence. :P  Let it come and go. During the tic-tacs do something constructive. Fill your time with new activities or old ones. Find a new hobby. Go on a vacation. Find a support group. Meetup has interesting groups that seriously can fit any and everything you can think of.

stay sexy!   xoxo

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cartoons- Culture Difference

watch the difference between cultures.  here is: Nu Pogodi  RUSSIAN CARTOONS

here is some Korean Cartoons

European:   Italian Cartoons

I was super surprised to see this one:
and here is happy tree friends

What is your take on this? Where you able to watch till the end? And why Woody the Woodpecker was taken down as "being too violent"?

i will leave this in "fish tail"