Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Father Figures

Listen here or you are grounded!!

The Father Figures, are a group of Punk Rockers, who make headlines wherever they go!

if punk rock is your cup of tea, then chase them for concert dates and locations, dear Arizonians: FB PAGE

 Their style and originality tops many other musicians in this genre. Their stage appeal and sound is drawing you in. Try it sometime!
 As a filmmaker, filming a concert takes lots of guts and courage. Well, taking in consideration that lights are minimal or strobe, a Canon 7D is not capturing much. Soon a short video of their performance, I will post here :)
Till then, here is a fan wearing their shirt! Gotta love fans! I do! :)  
 what type of electric guitar is this? anyone know?  I am not familiar with instruments with strings... :-P

stand by- for updates. :)