Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cameras to choose or just rent? with Bivas Biswas

Filmmaker of the year- Bivas Biswas is recommending a camera that is somewhat affordable depending what you have in mind to use it for.  Bivas Biswas'   blog-

If you have a unconventional temper, where you just get up and start shooting, might as well go buy one.

If you like to plan and prepare months in advance a shoot, then you can easily rent.

Each version chosen has ups and downs. Which works for you?

check this cool cat's work  here   Bivas' IMDB

and this pic!  -------->
                                        just stunning

He can morph in many characters as well. He can act! Recently he's been taking IMPROV classes and practiced his foreign accents. He spoke to me in Russian accent and I could've sworn he was a national.  ya! That good! :)
Here, with Diane G. Dresback another amazing filmmaker, whom I've had the pleasure to work with.  check future posts- on her ;)

The feature film shot in Arizona: Paranoia

STAY SEXY everyone!