Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Feel Orange Today part III

I've started this project in May 2012.

I enjoy movies- comedies, musicals, based on true story...

Because I love a good laugh. I grew up in Europe so "my" humor is not always the same with US humor. I've learned to taste American humor, and still some jokes pass right over me...

I enjoy the choreography. The grandiose sets, costumes, the songs that make sense, fit well into the story.

True Stories
Even though some are "Hollywooded" - in the sense of twisting some of the reality, to hype up the action, to not lose the audience. But still keeps the true seed of the story.

    but here is what I'm actually working on :)

Now, this is a Documentary. I've been told to watch 100 docs before I start on my own one... That is OUTRAGEOUS, but doable.  Or, take a Doc class.  Well, more of "me" later, here is more about the project. :P

Princess Diana Story

I've been asked why! Why I chose to create this.

Mayo Clinic in AZ explains what MS is


Because it can take even 10 years to diagnose it

Because I Love Orange    and     I wear it proudly

I've met some awesome people and heard even more life stories. I can't wait to share them with the world. I initially had a "due date" but that has been pushed back and still going :) I am no longer putting stress on that date. I am going along with the situations and doors that open towards making this a documentary that will make a difference in the world.

If after the film is seen and people are talking about it, I already won. I want the public, to take away from it something. Having the doctors better trained to diagnose it quicker is my ultimate goal. So raising awareness is just a step towards it.

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Thank you for your time and come back soon :)

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