Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Feel Orange Today Part II

 Here is the link to my 1st blog about MS and the film I am working on. Check that one first.  :)

     I have some updates.

                    We've shot the 1st re-enactment scene! 



The actor, Greg Renfro did an amazing job.

We had a make-up artist work on him and add some years to recreate the story. His performance was outstanding.

Event though it was all action, he "told" the story of a father who lived with MS for 31 years, with his talent and great skill. 


This little munchkin, played the son.

He interacted in a most natural manner with our main actor. It will show on film their father-son connection.

I am working on this feature length Artistic Documentary to raise awareness about MS.
I've been researching and shooting since may 2012.
Check and share:

These days I am looking for a seamstress/costume maker as the designs are almost 100% done for a mascot. So if you have any suggestions, send me a message here:

thank you!

Soon we'll launch a fundraising campaign so don't go far.

Special thanks to KJ for coordinating and set decor, props and casting extras
                          Donovan for opening up his house for this shoot
                            Camielle and her son
                            MUA Amanda
                            Philip Huerta for BTS photos
                            Greg Renfro

In the mean time, the 2nd re-enactment scene is coming up. Check the FB Page for photos and news.

stay sexy everyone!

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