Monday, July 29, 2013

Healthy Or Happy? EASY (somewhat) Wierd Recipes

 It's summer and ARI(d)ZONA is hott.

Air Conditioned is a must and big tall drinks with the umbrella- either way!

    This one was another healthy Monster:

                                                          PAPA-LEE Juice

 Sweet enough and tangy from the lemon.

Of course CELERY- (not a good friend of mine  :-P
The more I try these new fruits and veggies, the more I cut of off my "i like" list!  lol  Anyone else has this problem?  :))

Papaya-- hmm... Where is your flavor?  Where is your texture?  All you have going towards you is the amazing ORANGE color- which I adore.  You can comment on this as I had to be a giggly teenager at heart and take a photo of it cut. It is funny!!!

<-----------        L O  L

To keep it simple,
check the photos for what
I've used in this JUICE!

1 kiwi
lemon juice
papaya- what you see cut in the bowl

If it's not sweet enough, add HONEY!

You can never go wrong with honey.

If it's not smooth enough, add WATER!

You can always sub it with milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or even tea.

Adding other bottle juices, defeats the purpose of eating/drinking healthy!

You can even leave a piece of CELERY out, and dip it in the end in the juice glass. It will give it a fancier look! :)

I kept taking photos of this combination. I'd like to create a dress with these colors. :)

Health Benefits:





187 % of Vitamin C- LEMON


Again- you can GO GREENER! And either put it in the COMPOST pile, or

add it to any meal. Saute, broil, fry, bake.  Just not by itself.

Add spices, salt, maybe meat, make it a soup...

Let me know how it goes.

Don't be afraid to do it!

Stay Sexy! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spin Brazilian with DJ Seduce

Want hot beats? 

DJ Seduce can make the roof lift off.

Spinning almost anything possible:  Brazilian beats, Latin 
Brazilian Rhythms, Latin dance, Afro Beat, world jazz, reggae roots, funky soul, etc...

Check his events

FB Page DJSeduceAZ

 He is a well recognized DJ in Arizona.

2013 AZ Foothills Magazine "Best Event DJ" : Nominated
2012 Phx Newtimes "Best Latin DJ" : Nominated
2011 AZ Foothills Magazine "Best Event DJ" : Nominated
2011 Phx Newtimes "Best Latin DJ" : Nominated
2010 AZ Republic "Best DJ" : Nominated
2009 AZ Republic "Best Club DJ" : Nominated
2008 AZ Republic "Best DJ" : Nominated
2008 Phx Newtimes "Best Jazz" : Nominated
2007 AZ Republic "Best Club DJ" : Nominated

2012 Phx Newtimes "Best Music Festival" : Nominated
2011 Phx Newtimes "Best Music Festival" : Nominated
2006 Phx Newtimes "Best World Music Event" : Award 
2005 Spin Magazine "Multi Cultural Night : Top 20

2012 Top 10 Albums of the Year RAIZES : Fred Jorge e os Maiorais
2011 Top 10 Albums of the Year BRVITAL : Brazil:Sambossica 3
2011 Top 10 Albums of the Year BRVITAL : New Brazilian Beat
2011 Top 10 Albums of the Year RAIZES : Brazil:Sambossica 3 
2009 Top 10 Albums of the Year RAIZES : I Love Bossa Nova

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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Beautiful Rose That Can Shimmy- Amanda Rose

A Rose in the desert. 
Arizona is blessed with a shimmy goddess.
                           This eye-candy is an amazing belly dancer! She won competitions worldwide!
See her in action, as she performs all over Arizona
Check her out:

Amanda Rose, has her own signature dance. I won't reveal too much, but I will give you a hint: she will get the energy higher than the moon.
And if you want to learn to shimmy, you are in luck! She teaches.

get in style and get your bellydancing shirts

Bellydancer Of The Universe 2008 Egyptian Champion

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Boobs Big Problems Bust'DD Part II

 To be "on the same page", go to big-boobs-big-problems-bustdd part I then come back here :)

 If you've missed it, here is the Photo Album from the Fundraising Launch Party.

The fundraising went amazing. Plenty of people interested in the project, fun activities, diverse entertainment. 

Samba dancers heated up the place with their costumes and moves. Book them at

Belly dancers shimmied sexy.

Here are some boobs pendants you can wear :)


stay sexy!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Healthy Or Happy? EASY (somewhat) Wierd Recipes

a.k.a.   Mid-nite "healthy" snakcking!

Being always on the run, I forget to eat a good meal. So, cookies and chocolate are a quick fix.

Being always on the run, all food stays "longer fresh", well, FROZEN.

So after a full 4 days of shooting, and meetings, I've found myself at 2:30 a.m. after some grueling homework, I needed some sugar in my organism. And yet, wanting to be healthy.  GRRRR!! I've discovered chocolate chip cookies and everything with 65% more cocoa to be on my taste. In the same time I've realized I kind of substituted almost every meal with those "goodies". 

I simply picked up an apple and wanted it warm. So, I guess at 2 in the morning, anything goes… I picked what I saw first in the fridge.

Playing with the apple in my hand, I tried some juggling. All I was doing was more bruising to the apple than juggling. So I picked up a pan.  And from there this came out.

A no meat snack, supposedly healthy, and no cookies in sight. I made a promise to someone special (besides myself), that I will "correct" myself.  :-p
Sauté App-Gar-Car-Toe Sammich experiment-

but before all the ingredients, and instructions, here is something i want to share: Ghee.          The miracle Bollywood Fat  or GHEE

1tsp of oil/butter/ghee
1 apple sliced, no seeds
mix in there till you can smell it
1 half cup of garlic uncut
mix together until it turns brown on both sides
1 half cup of carrots (frozen)
mix it all till carrots are softened/defrosted and then hard again
1 tomato cut European style slices
sizzle it in over all that, till turns into a paste

stir often. (i had the garlic in a bag in the freezer and it turned out very puffed up and juicy inside.- good)

With each ingredient addition, new aromas filled the kitchen.

and pour it all on toasted bread.

While all this stirring and mixing, I got really hungry so, again, opened the fridge and picked what I saw first: a guacamole jar, bread and the MILD salsa jar.

Guaca-Salsa Sammich
 2/3 parts guacamole+ 1/3 part salsa
         =on toast.

The spices from the salsa numbed my taste buds, and still i was able to sense each bite, with its own specific "smack and sting".

Notice, I did not add any spices, powders, dried greens, not even salt or pepper. I like to have each taste untamed, natur, if better said. :)

Now, let's get down to business. What is this good for? A mid-night snack?! Never healthy. Unless mid-night is just a number on the clock, you don't go to sleep right after.

Apple- good for digestion
garlic- anti infection
carrots- good for skin
tomato- iron

guacamole- simply rich. FYI, in many countries in South America, mothers of newborns, if they can't nurse their babies, a liquefied paste made from avocados is made and fed to them, until they are able to eat solid foods.  
salsa, just because I wanted something spicy. It was salty, but mixed with guacamole, on the hot toast, did amazing. :)

Stay Sexy and Snack Healthy!  xoxo

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Feel Orange Today Part II

 Here is the link to my 1st blog about MS and the film I am working on. Check that one first.  :)

     I have some updates.

                    We've shot the 1st re-enactment scene! 



The actor, Greg Renfro did an amazing job.

We had a make-up artist work on him and add some years to recreate the story. His performance was outstanding.

Event though it was all action, he "told" the story of a father who lived with MS for 31 years, with his talent and great skill. 


This little munchkin, played the son.

He interacted in a most natural manner with our main actor. It will show on film their father-son connection.

I am working on this feature length Artistic Documentary to raise awareness about MS.
I've been researching and shooting since may 2012.
Check and share:

These days I am looking for a seamstress/costume maker as the designs are almost 100% done for a mascot. So if you have any suggestions, send me a message here:

thank you!

Soon we'll launch a fundraising campaign so don't go far.

Special thanks to KJ for coordinating and set decor, props and casting extras
                          Donovan for opening up his house for this shoot
                            Camielle and her son
                            MUA Amanda
                            Philip Huerta for BTS photos
                            Greg Renfro

In the mean time, the 2nd re-enactment scene is coming up. Check the FB Page for photos and news.

stay sexy everyone!